The words you're about to read, is literally going to change your life. Ok ladies, close down those distractions and listen up …

You’re a Heart-Based Entrepreneur With Big Goals Dreams and You Finally Decided…

to create passive income, consistent sales month after month by becoming the expert in your industry!

But the biggest problem women Entrepreneurs tell me when it come to Business Growth is increasing sales, retaining customers and improve cashflow, it can't seem to gel when they are not a Business Pro … It can take ages undoubtedly, longer to finish even if they are capable of doing them – not what camera to buy, which staff to hire, it’s not what to say on their videos it is in fact the M word… they can easily lose confidence when they've have picked the wrong M and find themselves having to go back and change it – losing precious time they could spend on building their empire.

2016 只有全力以赴,梦想才能起飞!


Well, keep reading as I am about to… heal your pain, because today I have a solution for you.

Starting Out | Online Entrepreneurs | Business Owners


She was a well-known beauty queen before becoming a thriving businesswoman, but Genecia Luo, founder of Queenz*8 Business Group did not achieve success overnight. From having to keep her family financially afloat during her teen years, to overcoming crippling debt just 4 years ago, she’s faced more than her fair share of obstacles. She tells Denise Li how she overcame them.


What was Life like when you were 14? If you were to say, “Spending a lot of time in school and doing CCAs, and attending tuition”, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Certainly luckier than Genecia Luo who not just had to put herself through school, but also financially support her family from the age of 15.

Today, she is a successful businesswoman with a group of companies under her belt, but the road to success was a bumpy one, culminating in a six-figure debt just four years ago. How did she find it in herself, not just to get out of a sticky situation, but also to do so well for herself? We speak to her to find out more.

What, to you, is the best part about being an entrepreneur?

“To me, entrepreneurship is about having the courage to live a life that a lot people cannot find it in themselves to. Entrepreneurship is about continually facing your fears. While fear can be paralysing, it can also be immensely motivating. It’s how you deal with fear that determines how successful you’ll become. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fear; that’s when you’ll know what are the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.”

Any advice for women who are thinking of becoming their own boss? 

“Striking out on your own is always scary, and we always imagine the worst possible scenarios. In reality, these situations rarely come to pass. I want women to know that they shouldn’t be crippled by their perceived limitations. Instead, they should channel that worry into something more positive by envisioning success. Don’t dwell, because the longer you dwell, the harder it’ll be for you to take action. Get educated, make mistakes, learn, repeat. You don’t want to be that person who regrets not doing enough for herself when you get older.”

Source credit: Material World & Elizabeth Arden



Founder of Queenz8 Business Group
Business Mentor For SHOPIFY ASIA Build-A-Business Competition 2015
Promising Franchisee Runner Up 2015 For COFFEE:NOWHERE
Owner & Retailer of COFFEE:NOWHERE (Singapore)
Creator of Soul Rich Woman
Franchisor of Soul Rich Woman

Author of You Are Possible! Series
Certified In WDA Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA)
Certified to Administer Personality & Emotional Intelligence Test (Enneagram)
Certified SEI Coach
NLP Master Coach & Practitioner With American Board of NLP


Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Timeline Practitioner
Certified in Emotion Freedom Technique
Certified in Six Seconds EQ Facilitation
Certified Image Consultant
Certified Business Etiquette Consultant
Certified in Thagi Facilitation
Dip. in Occupational Therapy
Certified Yoga, Aerobics, Line Dancing, Rope Skipping, Deep Water Workout Instructor
In988 Top Producer 2013


CozyCot Most Fashionable Lot 2011
Miss Singapore Universe 2006 Runner Up
Miss Singapore International 2006 Winner
Miss Singapore Chinese Cosmos 2011
Winner of Miss Chinese Cosmos South East Asia, Miss Prestige 2011
South East Asia Woman of Excellence 2010
NLB Speak Mandarin Campagin Ambassador 2006
HPB Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador 2005
Woman of The Year 2004 Runner Up
The New Paper New Face 2003 Finalist


For Women who are:
Starting Out | Online Entrepreneurs | Business Owners


Number 1 .. Deciding on the right online business tools to use without blowing the bank.

Number 2 .. How long and how difficult will it be for you to get to grips with business tasks that will ACTUALLY increase your sales, retain customers and improve your cashflow…

and Number 3 – once you have grasped the basics how can you take your business cha-ching! up to the next level without going to a Business school.

Number 4…. How often do we get asked to do something for free? Because it will “only take a minute” or because the other person “doesn't have any money”.

In the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I got sucked into this all the time. I undervalued myself. I charged less because I wanted to make sure that the person hired me. I offered so many things for free to make people like me or to get in with the “big people”. And that was wrong … it didn't make them like me any more and it made my service seem less valuable (and bank account a little lower!). Don't get me wrong, I do a lot of things barter trade and will always do that. However, there is a difference in doing barter trade work and just giving away your talent and gift. Sure, reviewing your business launch, sales funnel, etc may take me 30 minutes, but I went through years of undergrad and many programs to have the experiences, knowledge, licenses that I have. I slaved away in my business and my 6-figure debt learning how to do what I do (literally working 14 hour days so that I could now review those funnels in …. minutes). And I know that YOU did the same with your gift. We work, we train, we learn, we hone our skills. “If they want to pick your brain, ask them to pick a time and a method of payment.” Here's to valuing ourselves and each other.
Number 5… Are you running a business or a busyness?
This is an important distinction. Esp if you're Not making the money you desire in your business.
If you are running a business, then your business is making you money. If you are running a busyness, then you are doing a lot of work and not making money (at least the amount you desire). There are so many advices out there on what you need to do in your business – Blogging, Videos, Social Media, etc. While these are great advice, you need to know how to do it right to get maximum return. The key to start making money in your business is to stop with the busy work and start getting strategic on how you work!

Well I have a solution that can help you fix all of these Fears ..





Joy of my life.


Love of my life.


My mother is the pillar of my strength in everything that I do.

You know those jealous feelings you get when you see a business guru getting the gigs that you desire: The exotic travel, the VIP clients, the 5-figure months, the magazine features, radio shows and TV interviews? Or you wonder
Think of me as being your ‘fame & fortune’ superladyboss. With done for you resources in a bag instead of… 
But seriously. You know that you’re not cut out to be ‘just another’ coach right? or just being mediocre with your retail business revenue. Or just making paycheque to paycheque (even though you’re an online entrepreneur) or just making enough
You yearn to make amazing impact, to have a platform to reach thousands of people with your message, you want to change the world – one glitterglam at a time.
If you really want to step into the next level of your biz life, you can’t keep running away from your fears.

For Women Who Want to Create More Abundance Security Freedom Flexibility in Their Business and Life




I CRAVE to quit trading hours for money = like how I used to do my corporate trainings, media trainings, standing there paid by per hour…. you get the gist. I was never content to sit at a desk charging by the hour. I wanted to be a REVOLUTIONARY. A Visionary leader. I wanted to work less, live more and focus on LIFE that matters, doing the things I LOVE the most. AND… making an AMAZING income doing just THAT.

And I did.



I have the infinite flexibility and freedom in my schedule to do the work I want, from wherever I want.
I am able to focus on ONLY what I LOVE in my business and have plenty of time to implement all my awesome ideas and still GET SHIT DONE.


I actually have time to take care of myself (weekly manicures, spas, massages, hair treatments, daily gym…) and run my business. I feel that I am getting my time and money’s worth from my current team from all over the world.
 I now know how EXACTLY what high-value marketing tasks to outsource to my assistants to grow my business, month after month.

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只有第一名可以教你如何成为第一名。成功者学习别人的经验, 下定决心一定要,才是成功的关键。




My Vision is…

:To dream bigger than we did yesterday and see things accomplished together that we never thought possible.

::To change lives, not just market a product.

::To create a better experience, not just a different service.

::To make $100,000's as a contributor and a giver, not merely a taker.

::To see money and time as tools to help, build, produce, add, and lift dreams.

::To be inspired by those ahead, and encourage those behind.

::To laugh, to live and to love.

~ Genecia Alluora, 罗鍏淇

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success of a woman is herself


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