Do You Want to 

  • Believe in your abilities to give YOU the confidence you need to tackle the business world

  • Go from offline to online and build a powerful personal brand

  • Automate your business so that you are constantly working ON your business and not IN your business (there’s a big difference)

  • Build your expert empire: How to start, build authority and monetise what you know

  • Be introduced to a network of 10,000 like minded women across 15 countries who support and teach each other the way to success

This isn’t talk. It’s a step-by-step formula that radically transforms every area of your life.

At Soul Rich Woman, we will equip you with simple strategies to see an immediate change in your life. Genecia will transfer her success skill to you through this unique and experiential learning event!


Join 10,00 female entrepreneurs and women leaders who believe in Community Over Competition. They are learning, sharing and growing together, just like you.

The SOUL Rich WOMAN group is Facebook’s best kept secret female entrepreneurship community in South East Asia. Get access by clicking the button below and requesting to join

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