3 Ways To Deal With Unsupportive Family Members

So, I'm sure some of you out there have encountered difficulties when you decided to embark on a journey that might be along the road less travelled?

You would face lots of questions that might even make you doubt yourself and the reason why you chose to pursue this passion in the first place.

Be it your parents, spouse, fiance, or even close friends, more often than not, they are discouraging you and questioning you because they feel that they love you and honestly, they just want the best for you!

They think they know better, after all, it is hard for someone who doesn't have the same values, expectations or life goals as you to support you or understand where you're coming from.

For example, for me, when I told my friends in the pageant industry that I was going to be ____________, they all got a shock. They asked me, “You crazy ah?!” “Like that can make money meh?”

See, in this instance, their dream might be to get rich through being an international superstar, by continuing to attend all these glamorous events, but for me, that is not the path that I envisioned for myself at that point of time.

Let's say you choose to pursue your passion, one that ignites your life and makes you feel like you're living again – you might just face relentless questions, pressing demands, and encounter sticky issues.

Be it your parents, or your spouse, or probably even your adult children, more often than not, the lack of support and the endless stream of questions, for example, “Why now?” or accusations like, “You're being completely responsible” – are brought about by a lack of understanding and communication.

After all, it is hard for someone who doesn't have the same values, expectations or life goals as you to support you or understand where you're coming from, suddenly springing upon them the idea of you running off into the sunset to chase your dream.

Should you encounter these problems, here are factors you might want to consider.

1. Don't argue.

You are likely to cause a lot of confusion when you decide to go on a not-so-conventional path – you might face judgement, plain rudeness, or even condescending attitudes from those around you.

As much as you would like to shoot their questions down and give them a piece of your mind, resist!

They will have a hard time seeing things from your point of view, and may even refuse to do so even when faced with cold, hard facts. No matter how much energy and convincing you do, you might not be able to change their minds.

Arguing automatically makes the other person go on the defense and nothing you say will go in.

2. Articulate yourself, speak their language.

Explain to them in words and terms that they can relate to.

For example, tell them that if you do not chase this dream, you might live to regret it in 10 years' time. This is definitely a feeling that most people can relate to.

Your family will be waiting for you to fail – for you to give up after a specific time if you do not see the results that you might be expecting.

Arrows might be shot your way, but this process will test your ability to not let your emotions run wild and take control of your mind, and test your commitment to stay true to seeing your dream through.

For them, as outsiders, it will be easy to criticize you and mock you.

Just remember, you do not have to prove anything to anyone but yourself. Hold true and fast to the vision you have for yourself and your life. Your conviction might slowly start to win them over.

3. Involve them.

Give your family members simple (or challenging) things to do to help you chase your dream.

When they feel like they are part of this new journey that you are embarking on, it is likely that they will challenge you as much.

Make sure they are doing tasks that they enjoy and in an area where they can truly contribute, and see things from your perspective.

Working as a team ensures that all parties are standing on the same side, and this will bring about not just understanding, but will help you get to your goal faster.

As the saying goes – two heads are better than one!


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Hope this helps!

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