3 things I did wrong in my business


1) I played small – Starting small and playing small are different. I thought I needed to wait a couple of years before I can start playing big so I waited.

2) Not investing in myself – Yes I've now had 3 different coaches & a mentor and I recently invested in a high level mentor who's already made multiple 7-figure business. But when I started, I thought I knew what I was doing and google can teach me. So I waited.

3) Winging it – I thought strategy was something I could figure out along the way. Boy was I wrong! That left me with confusion, overwhelm and burnout. I thought if I started doing my website and FB, people would come. So I waited.

As a result, after 3 months I was exactly where I started except my desk was messier, I was 10 kg heavier and I looked like I was busy but I wasn't really getting anywhere.

Fast forward now, I'm able to help women across the globe create their dream business with ease and confidence wherever I am in the world because I fixed those 3.

  • If you feel like you need more, you don't. Start before you're ready.
  • If you feel like you can figure it out, may be you can but where will you be in the next 6 months?
  • What have you done wrong in your business so far?

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