How To Live A More Meaningful And Exciting Life


“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”

– Joseph Campbell

Are you constantly questioning your actions, the meaning of waking up everyday to go to work, eat, come home, sleep?

As you're reading this – wait, are you really reading this? Or are you thinking about what you should be preparing for the kids' dinners tomorrow?

We get too caught up in the mundane sometimes, that we get lost in the maze of life's crossroads, and never awaken to our true calling and purpose. Even our education system is designed, not for the benefit of the individual, but to create workers that will satisfy hiring requirements. It's not about forging ahead, it's not about living an exciting, purposeful life with value.

When you understand what guides you, then opening your eyes every morning will be a new experience. You no longer drag your feet on the ground, attending to the day's activities. You no longer walk, but you run!

Purposefulness and excitement lets us spot opportunities that allow us to express our gifts and talents, that give us satisfaction and self-worth.

Firstly, this saying is old, but gold.

Stop to smell the roses.

If you're speeding through life, jumping from one task to the next, there is no way that you can ever slow down to appreciate and ponder over your life's meaning. Our social media feeds are updating themselves every second, and our eyes are glued to the screen, taking in all the information, yet do we ever really absorb all the information?

Once you have slowed down, then you are able to decide what is important in your life. Is it your family? Friends? A career? Or your religion? Ask yourself how the ideal you would behave in these areas of your life.

Think about it when you’re on the train or waiting in line somewhere. What you focus on expands in your experience, so take the time to consider what kind of actions you want to see yourself doing. Don't just stop there, start taking steps to actively DO, till it becomes second nature. Remember, these are actions that you have personally identified as meaningful, and so, your satisfaction level with your life will experience new highs like never before.

And without people to share in the excitement of your new life with, is there really any meaning at all?

Remember, no man is an island. It is impossible to be truly happy without the warmth of friendship and kinship.

In general, having a greater number of solid connections amounts to more life happiness – the key phrase being “solid connections”. Avoid the vampires and blood suckers, your so-called “friends” who are only there when the going is good. These are anchors that will weigh you down, and invite chaos into your life – as if you don't have enough to deal with already!

Examine each of your friendships and decide if they truly bring joy and value to your life, and if you forsee that it will elevate you to new heights in your life.

We've all heard that money can't buy happiness, and studies have shown that this is indeed true. Some people who are dissatisfied in their job think it's because they don't earn enough, but lots of people who earn very little are perfectly content.

Why is this so?

Because without meaning and excitement, our lives are hollow shells.

Therefore, strive to serve others. All of us have the ability to contribute to the world's well-being, be it big or small. A simple nod and wave at a neighbour, or a casual “do you need help with that?” can really lift a colleague's mood. Touch others' lives through your very own. You may find that these little actions have a more lasting effect on well being that the pursuit of pleasure or material goods.

Just as you expect others to bring good into your life, you have to expect the same of yourself when it comes to other peoples' lives.

What is common about all these choices is that YOU are the one who is actively making the decision to change your life, to change your actions towards others. The more you believe that you are the driver behind the wheel, rather than life driving you to an unknown destination, the greater the chance that you'll see your life as meaningful. Have the confidence that all these little steps, when put together, will be the cogs in the machine that will effect a greater outcome.

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