Expectations VS Reality: What Happens when Failure comes Crashing Down on You?


A big part of being a successful entrepreneur is having good PROBLEM-SOLVING skills. Undeniably, we face problems on a daily basis. It could be small problems that can be easily solved, such as being rejected during a cold call; or big problems such as having your entire hard disk crash and losing most of your photos and lead information. To own a successful business, it is important to expect the best but prepare for the worst. In the face of problems, here's 6 problem-solving skills to deal with trouble.

Critical Thinking Skills. Napoleon Hill said this, ‘All achievements begin with an idea and ideas are the product of critical thinking.’ Critical thinking skill is important because it enables entrepreneurs to turn the problems they have identified into opportunities. Be creative. As time pass, we tend to grow rigid in our ways, preferring to turn to tried and tested methods to solve problems. However, problems can be turned into opportunities if we spend a little more time and effort in coming up with new solutions. You have the ability to become a great problem solver. 

Understanding the business. This is skill that you would only be able to acquire if you go out there and put yourself on the line. It is also a skill that you must have before critical thinking because only when you understand the workings and root cause of a problem then you would be able to solve it. Do up a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis to leverage on your strengths and curb your weaknesses. Attending seminars, reading books and analyzing industrial trends can also increase this skill. “The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year” – John Foster Dulles. The key to solving a problem is to not experience the same in future. 

People skills. Business and investing are team sports, only when you learn to think in synergy with your business management team then you would be able to succeed. Furthermore, different people have different ideas. It is always better to listen to other people's opinions in order to solve problems creatively and efficiently.

Faith. The holy bible said this, ‘With faith, you can move mountains’. Similarly, it is only when you have faith then a problem can be solved. Faith keeps the mind focused on looking for a solution rather than lamenting on the problem itself. 

Decisiveness. Often you would find yourself in a situation whereby you would need to arrive at a decision quickly and this requires you to be decisive. Entrepreneurs such as Andrew Carnegie, Richard Branson and Bill Gate only became famous because of their ability to reach decisions quickly. Good preparation is required in order to decide quickly and accurately. Once a decision is made, do not look back and give yourself a chance to regret. One does not really know whether the decision is the correct one until things happen. Regardless, move on and work towards making that decision the correct one. 

Courage. You would need courage to face your problems squarely and to face the consequences of your decision. Courage can only be developed over time through personal mastery.


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4 Stress Busters that Every Woman Absolutely Needs

4 StressBusters

Insomnia. Frustration. Depressed. Weight Loss.

Are you sufferers of these symptoms right now? If your answer is yes, it's time to embrace change into your life.

TODAY, you can make a change and say good bye to all the negative energy with simply 4 As:

Avoid, Alter, Adapt and Accept.

AVOID unnecessary stress.

Not all kinds of stress can be avoided but you can learn how to say ‘no’! Learn to differentiate between the ‘should’ and the ‘must’ in your life. Steer clear of people or situations, which would stress you out unnecessarily. Doing all these would definitely alleviate your stress levels. 

ALTER your situation.

Don’t bottle up all your emotions. Find a listening ear and seek emotionally sound and mature advice in your life. When in conflict with others, compromise and meet them halfway on issues that you can’t come to a common consensus.

ADAPT to your situation.

Even though sometimes situations may seem dire, find positivity in it! Focus on the positive aspects and always look at the bigger picture.

ACCEPT the things you cannot change. Learn how to accept that some things cannot be changed and that no one, including you, is perfect.

Start applying these 4As today. I am behind you and supporting you, as you take the steps towards pursuing your dreams!

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7 Effective Steps to Become a Successful Female Entrepreneur


The general misconception that entrepreneurs have is that strategy development is an activity only suited for major corporations or big companies, but this is not true because strategy development is the tool to align your goals and to prepare the company for the threats that may appear along the way as the company progresses.

Here are 7 steps that you, as a female entrepreneur, can follow to develop a strategy for your company –

1. Formulate mission and vision statements.

Essentially, mission and value statements set the fundamentals of a company. It guides the establishment of the company's objectives and general direction. Good mission and value statements serve as the foundation of effective decision-making. A good foundation allows for extended and long-term growth. Many business owners fail to identify the difference between a mission statement and a value statement. The former focuses on the present, defining the target market, the protocols and processes and improving on a daily basis. A micro perspective, it provides the standard that the company should function. A value statement, on the other hand, creates a moral compass for the company and its employees. It guides decision making and establishes a standard that specific actions can be assessed against. 

2. Describe the world around you.

Be personable and relatable. You don't have to be friends with the whole world, but it will work for you if the world thinks that you are. People sell to people, it will only be to your benefit if people trust and like you, and people can only trust you if they can relate to you and feel like they know you. So, describe the world around you, let people know that you are just like them. 

3. Evaluate the current position of your company.

It is important to know where you currently stand. Only then can you accurately decide the next step. 

4. Define your vision.

A vision statement is more future-envisioning and broad, looking at how the company can impact the society. It focuses on innovation and inspiration, speaking of what the company would be in say, 10 years later. This is crucial for growth. Without vision, there is no progress, and your company will grow stagnant. 

5. Set objectives that stretches your resources and capabilities.

“Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars” – W. Clement Stone. Do not be afraid to aim high. Do not be afraid to stretch your resources and capabilities because you are afraid you cannot cope. You never really know how capable you are, until you are stretch and have no choice but to rise up and cope.

6. Formulate strategies and action plan.

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. A detailed action plan is crucial in fulfilling that vision and mission. 

7. Show what you believe your company will earn and what you need to spend to achieve your objectives.

A boss with big dreams will motivate her employees and urge them to strive. Including your employees in your dream will make them feel involved and build a sense of belonging.

A tip for everyone would be for all the 7 steps, communicating the logic behind the decision that you have made to your people is as important as what these decisions are.

Also, have contingency plans in place. Always be prepared, as business conditions may change just when you least expect it.

With these 7 steps, start developing your own strategy for your business today. Wishing you all the best in achieving your dreams!


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Getting Into The Right Frame Of Mind For Entrepreneurship

You know the quote that goes, “Whether you can do it or you can’t, you are right”? The same can be said about entrepreneurship. It is as complicated as you think it is or, it can be as easy as ABC. I’ve learnt through my years in business that getting into the right frame of mind is the first step you have to take. There is no, “Oh, I’ll do a bit and then see how it goes.” You have to commit yourself wholly into the project and tell yourself you’ll do whatever it takes to succeed.

1. The right mindset matters.

I think adversity is the best teacher.  No one likes to make mistakes, but the tough times are what will shape you as a person and build your character.  When things to go south, I tell myself: ”Something good will come out of this mess.”  If a business partnership doesn’t work out, I just let it go and move on.  If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have met my current partners, whom I work very well with.  Another thing that women need to get over is the idea that “business is not for them”.  Starting out and finding your footing is an intimidating process, but know that the learning curve won’t always be so steep.  While being risk-averse isn’t bad in itself, it can be a failing if it stops you from just going out and doing something.  The most important thing is to take action: Go online to find out more about how to start your own business, or attend a seminar.  Your road to financial freedom starts with a single step.

2. Set Realistic Goals.

This is to ensure that you don’t deviate too far from your ultimate “prize”.  Set goals based not just on what you wish to achieve, but also what you’ve learnt so far.  Take a good, hard look at everything that’s happened and ask yourself: “What did I learn from this?  How can I do it better the next time around?  How can I leverage on my mistakes to grow my business?”  Know what you do well and make sure that those things are your responsibility in the business.  Do one thing perfectly, not 10 things poorly.  Take a single step at a time.  Don’t let being busy lull you into missing out opportunities to growing your business and achieved your business goals.

3. Know the difference between being productive and being busy.

Productive is what sets your business in motion.  Women these days have a lot going on their lives, and it’s so easy to lose sight of the big picture.  To avoid this from happening, it’s important to set priorities.  It’d be really helpful to have mentors for different aspects of your life as well – they can help you stay accountable and on track.  Jugging multiple ventures will spread you thin and limit both your effectiveness and productivity.

4. Surround Yourself with Good People.

Surrounding yourself with the right group of people is the Key To Success.  The best entrepreneurs aren’t the ones who think they can do it all on their own; it’s the ones who aren’t afraid to surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are.  People who you can bounce off ideas with and they are always there to motivate you till the very end.  Bring in a partner or hire someone to fill in your “business gaps” would allow you to more productive and efficient.  The people they recruit should be creative problem-solvers who are able to take ownership of their work.  This doesn’t just ensure that work gets done in the most efficient way possible – it also creates an exciting, dynamic workplace that people would enjoy working in.  With that said, I have a couple of requirements before deciding if someone should come on board as a partner: (1) He shouldn’t be in it for the money alone, because that means that he won’t always make decisions that’s in the best interest of business, and (2) The partner should bring something unique to your business.

5. Develop an Iron Will.

It still surprises to me that, to this day, a lot of women don’t take charge of their money.  Many still rely on their partners to manage their finances, and I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that this has to change.  If they want to get into business, women need to realise that how much they make is entirely up to them.  There’ll be good days and bad days, and you constantly need to remind yourself of what you want to achieve no matter how tough it gets.  Most important of all, you need to go with your gut instincts.  If there’s even the slightest warning sign that something’s not right, follow through with a thorough investigation.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.  You see, at the end of the day, while we’d all like to make as much money as possible, it’s not just about that.  It’s also about dignity and self-respect.  Running a successful business isn’t just great for the bank account but also the self-esteem.  Few things are more rewarding than knowing are more rewarding than knowing that you can do it, against the odds.

As a parting note, I’d just like to say: Don’t let naysayers or detractors get to you.  There will always be people who try to drag you down, but don’t let them.  Either find it in you to get rid of them, or use their stinging words as motivation to overcome the odds.

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5 Reasons Why You Are Still in BS, Unhappy, In Debt, Stuck in the SAME Mud… Different Mud? Then Same O Sob ‘Stories. [6 Figure Debt to 5 Figure Salary]


5 Reasons Why You Are Still in BS, Unhappy, In Debt, Stuck in the SAME Mud… Different Mud? Then Same O Sob ‘Stories. [6 Figure Debt to 5 Figure Salary]

When I spoke exclusively & individually 1-1 to 50 of you, I discovered that when you are still undecided, sitting on the edge of the fence… Thinking why should I? How could I? When could I finally possibly? I should not… I have something and some friend, who maybe can do something ourselves…

Ok by when? Undirected? Lost?

#1 Because you don't want you to be successful. {YES!}

I do remember I shared with you that when you walk out of the exhibition hall, you will “listen” to all the noise that's possibly available. Open your eyes and look at the ones around you. Are they already entrepreneurs? Are they successful? Have they changed from a van to a BMW 5 series? Were they EVER in debt? A 6 figure one? And have they walked out of their debt, got out of it and still making very good salary now? Have your loved ones “been there done that”? Have they got investments in cafe that's in 4 countries, 6 outlets in mere 7 months? Have they made their millions? Do your friends have multimillionaires as mentors, who by the way, public listed companies as the major portfolio? Are they ones giving you advise the employee or employer? What true track records that's proven in their lives?

#2 Because you enjoy being in your comfort zone.

Is the one giving you advise, walking the talk?

“Today, she is a successful businesswoman with a group of companies under her belt, which includes the big brand, COFFEE:NOWHERE, in 4 countries, with 6 outlets; but the road to success was a bumpy one, culminating in a six-figure debt just four years ago.”

#3 Because you want the easy way out.

What, to you, is the best part about being an entrepreneur?

“To me, entrepreneurship is about having the courage to live a life that a lot people cannot find it in themselves to. Entrepreneurship is about continually facing your fears. While fear can be paralysing, it can also be immensely motivating. It’s how you deal with fear that determines how successful you’ll become. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fear; that’s when you’ll know what are the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.”

—> Will be at Marina Bay Sands, 16, 17, 18 Expo & Convention Center, Level 1, Hall A. (Wednesday to Friday)

#4 Because you do not wish to give up your sob stories

Do the one whom you are seeking advise from, really the ones who WANTS you to be successful? Do they tell you, “oh everyone is doing it. Just wait and see.” “Oh it's just some marketing gimmick.” “It's scammers positive.”

No BS. I am not a scam. Neither are my businesses. This is not some marketing fluff.

I did not say you will make 6 figures to 7 figures when you join me. I say this income is scalable. This business is low commitment and allows you to have a back up plan. This results in you learning from the best, with proven formulas. From zero to zeros.

Still BS? Then you're not the one I am meant to help and support on this wealth consciousness journey. The journey of excellence.

#5 Because you enjoy hanging out with those less successful with you to make you feel better.

By next year, we are only going to get bigger and stronger. One year from now, next year same time, maybe you'll see my FB ads, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blog and video posts… And wonder… Maybe I should have joined Genecia's program, learnt about wealth and business last year, at least can get all my capital back. Maybe I should have joined then I would not be in debt still.

You're just hanging out with those… not geared for success.

Personally I can only help and reach out to those who wants the best from the best. No…?

All the details are here and if it works in your schedule, i'd love to meet you in person.

—>RSVP HERE:http://bit.ly/ZeroRiskLetMoneyWorkForYouBusinessOpportunities

Give yourself a backup plan BEFORE you need it. If you decide to leave your job — or you’re laid off for reasons beyond your control — you have an instant revenue source that you can “scale up” immediately.

Any advice for women who are thinking of becoming their own boss?

“Striking out on your own is always scary, and we always imagine the worst possible scenarios. In reality, these situations rarely come to pass. I want women to know that they shouldn’t be crippled by their perceived limitations. Instead, they should channel that worry into something more positive by envisioning success. Don’t dwell, because the longer you dwell, the harder it’ll be for you to take action. Get educated, make mistakes, learn, repeat. You don’t want to be that person who regrets not doing enough for herself when you get older.”

Sign up via this link below to hear and experience the DONE FOR YOU BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY that could change…everything. This is a 15mins by invite only one to one decisive session with Genecia.

No BS. So, here's her fav: “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” ~Lao Tzu

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PS: You may watch G's untold story by Elizabeth Arden & Material World, Here —> http://www.geneciaalluora.com/youarepossible

Full Story Here —> http://materialworldsingapore.com/2014/06/16/elizabeth-arden-untold-legere-genecia-luo-video-denise-li/


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